What is WebSite Hosting?

Whether you use a website builder or another program to create your website,you will also need web hosting.Web hosting is a service which is provides the server on which your website and all its content is stored.Ongsho Web Services (OWS) is a hosting company that gives you better hosting for your websites.Without hosting your site will not be accessible on the internet.The web host you use is responsible for making sure that the server your website is hosted on is manage and maintained.In other words,they will ensure that the servers keep your website online and that important software needed to run the server is updated and correctly configured.

When you choose to use a website builder,although you get an easy way to create a website,you may be compelled to use the hosting services of the website builder company.This is where many companies find themselves running into problems.

Personally I recommend that you can visit the Ongsho Web Services (OWS) for taking your Web Domain and Hosting.I also use the Domain and Hosting services from ows.They provide me very powerful, reliable and reasonable  services.