Nazma Begum and her family are living in Madhya Fulldhalua village under Barguna Sadar Upazilla. She has a family of four members with two daughters and husband. Nazma’s husband named Jahangir Alam is only earning member in her family and worked as a Night Guard in Dhalua Union Parisad. Jahangir Alam also a share Cropper and keep on plough others land for cultivation. His income was too measure to support his family expenses and thus he was passing a life of great hardship. Once Nazma happily recalls the day that she decided to attend the WF-Nobo Jibon basic aqua culture training that helped enhance her skills and knowledge on fish cultivation and her pond size is 6.0 decimal.

WorldFish-Nobo Jibon and IP’s staff were at hand to give technical support and assistance, and she has already earned BDT 10,560 (Mola:10kg- BDT1540, Tilapia82:kg-BDT9020) where her total cost was BDT 4675 thus making more than double her initial investment. The culture period was for only 7months between March to october-2012 and a biomass of 85 kg more remains in her pond which is valued at BDT5000. WF_NJ also encouraged Nazma Begum to cultivate vegetables, and the family now consumes more than ever before, with extra to give to relatives and even to sell, last season earning BDT 1,800 from the sale of vegetable.Nazma Begum not only earned money but his family was also able to consume more fish and vegetable from their own land and pond. Currently, he is sharing his experience among fish farmers. Next year he is expecting more production, which will help improve his financial circumstance and help provide better for his family.