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Top Funny,Amazing Question For ”Okay Google”

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Nice video, I tend to believe you.


9. Okay Google, please call Barck Obama

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10. Okay Google, how many children does Brad Pitt have?

Google Now shows me all Jolie-Pitt kids with full names and photos. Great!

11. Okay Google, how old is Harry Potter?

Now I know when to congratulate Daniel Radcliffe.

12. Okay Google, is Lady Gaga crazy?

At least 7 times she really was.

13. Okay Google, how old is Madonna?

Pictures are worth a thousand words…


14. Okay Google, how to lose weight?

That’s a nice to-do list, but don’t agree about eating fruits!

15. Okay Google, how to get married?

Google suggests a nice but weird way to get married.

16. Okay Google, how to become a billionaire?

To become a billionaire, you first need to know everything about billionaires…

17. Okay Google, how to get a job at Google?

There is one man who decides everything.

18. Okay Google, how to quit smoking?

So many ways are available!

19. Okay Google, how to teach my mom to use an iPhone?

Does Google think that the mission is impossible?


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