In Windows 8, you can not only log on to it via Windows Live account and Local account, but also a picture password or PIN logon. Before, , we’ve discussed How to Create a Picture Password to Protect Windows 8. In this article, we’ll talk about how to set up PIN logon in Windows 8.

What’s PIN logon in Windows 8?

The PIN logon is similar to PIN in credit cards and other bank accounts. It allows you to setup Windows 8 login password at the most four digits. This password protection option has been added to Windows 8 for tablet users to enter code via touch-numpad, but PC users can also create PIN to logon to Windows 8 using either Windows Live account username and password or PIN code.

How to Set up PIN Logon?

If you would like to specify a PIN for logon for your account instead of a password, please follow the steps as blew after installing the developer preview version of Windows 8.

Step 1. On the default Metro style home window, click Control Panel.
Step 2. Select Users from main navigation bar and click Create a PIN on left side of the Window.
Step 3.You’ll be prompted for the password of your current account. Enter the logon password and click on OK button.
Step 4. Enter the four digit PIN and also retype the PIN to confirm it. Click on “Finish” to end your operation.

That is all! your PIN is now set up for PIN logon to Windows 8 and you can start using it next time to login to Windows 8 account. You will see Logon Options link on Windows 8 Logon Screen, which lets you switch between configured logon options. Here, you can choose PIN Logon Credential Provider option to logon to Windows via PIN code.

Like the Picture password, another alternative to Windows 8 text password, the PIN is another excellent feature introduced in Windows 8. A PIN is a quick and convenient way to log into Windows 8 PC using touch. It doesn’t require you to press Enter key or click Submit button. All you need to do is to tap the last digit of PIN code. Although the limitation to four digits makes it less secure than other password options, PIN is a better way to logon for a touch enabled device.

With the newly-added 2 kinds of password protection – PIN logon and Picture password, you’ll not be troubled by the problem that what I do if I forgot Windows 8 password or how to reset Windows 8 password. Of course, if you don’t want to use any of these methods, you can always stick to the traditional method of logging in to your Windows 8, at any time you want. In that case, you can create a Windows 8 password reset disk in advance to in case of a lost Windows 8 password since a strong text password is hard for one to keep in mind.