Hound is the best assistant for android for serching using voice.

Hound is different:

• very quick responses

• You speak naturally, no got to learn special keyword phrases

• Follow-up to filter, sort, or add a lot of info to your question therefore you’ll be able to be specific

The quickest and simplest way to urge the knowledge, diversion, and communication services you would like, Hound is constructed for your busy life, permitting you to urge what you would like and pass on.

You can use it hands-free by expression, “Ok Hound…”

Features include:

• Weather + Temperature

– “What’s the weather aiming to be like tomorrow at 6pm?

– “How concerning in Hawaii throughout August?”

• native Search + Yelp Restaurants

– enkindle restaurants, occasional outlets, stores, and be as specific as you’d like

– you’ll be able to even exclude places or that you simply don’t need, like food varieties

– “Show Restaurants inside ten miles aside from Chinese”

• Navigation (GPS) + Directions

– enkindle a destination and to navigate there seamlessly

– Get the most effective directions taking traffic into thought

– “Show Pine Tree State directions to the closest Starbucks”

• edifice Search + Expedia booking

– Be specific on travel choices

– “Show hotels in port of entry that ar pet-friendly, have a gym, and price but $275”

• Uber 

– Get fare estimates, journey time, speak your destination and book, all hands-free

• build phone calls and send text messages – hands-free personal assistant

• net searches – speak what you’re longing for rather than typewriting

• Calculator – simply build fast calculations through voice commands

“What is that the root of sixteen minus the root of 9?”

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